Eco-friendly spring Beauty Picks

Eco-friendly spring Beauty Picks

  • 26 March, 2020
  • Alara Dural

With the start of spring and the rising interest in sustainable and clean beauty, weve hand-picked 5 beauty brands we thought will help you find your glow as we enter into Spring. The best bit, they are all eco-friendly and don’t cost the planet.  


If you have been worrying about sensitive skin and in search of organic beauty, Pai Skincare may be the right fit for you. All their products are UK made, using sustainable natural plant ingredients. Their packaging is made from recyclable or biodegradable materials and will be delivered at your doorstop in a nice eco-friendly Pai branded cardboard box. If you are keen to try their products but don’t want to invest in a full-size until you know what works best for you and your skin, we recommend you purchasing the “Try Pai Starter Kit”.  ( 



If you are passionate about DIY beauty hacks you may have heard of Dominika and Elsie a while back, before they started Bybi Beauty.  They are the founders of Clean Beauty Insiders and Bybi Skincare, with a mission to create accessible and sustainable skincare for everyone. The brand is 100% natural certified, vegan and cruelty free. All their products are made in the UK and not only come with a recycled/recyclable packaging but also introduce the customers to a “Circular Recycling Scheme” through giving back life to their Bybi Booster’s. If you want to read more on their sustainability approaches, they have a complete page dedicate to this. ( 


“Clean to skin, clean to planet” a brand that puts cleanliness at the heart of their business. If you haven’t come across with Ren Skincare, we recommend you check them out. You can even tell by looking at their packaging, the bottles will not have that shiny bright transparent look and feel because they are made from Ocean Plastic and the tubes are made from post-consumer recycled plastic from circular recycling. If you love a good toning body oil Ren’s Atlantic Kelp And Microalgae Anti-Fatigue Toning Body Oil should go In your spring must buy list. ( 


Finding a clean and transparent make-up brand can often prove challenging, which is where Kosas comes in. Kosas are fully transparent with their ingredient list and have nothing to hide, you can find all the ingredients for their products in their website. In addition to their transparency policy, all their products are gluten-free, egg-free (yes you read it right, it’s a thing in make-up!), cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certified. If you are in search of a toxin-free lip balm we may have the best recommendation for you; the Kosasport Lipfuel  smells like fresh mint and is made of natural oils + vitamins. We think this is one of the hottest moving products on social media right now! ( 


We wouldn’t be able to end a piece on eco-beauty without mentioning our own socially conscious sustainable fragrance brand! As the final step in your beauty routine, a spritz of fragrance will make your spring days sing with purity. This is why for this post we have chosen our signature Berber Blonde, the fresh and the sunniest within all our range. This sparkling scent sings with essential oil of Moroccan orange blossom, which is prized for its mood-boosting effects, promoting a focus on the present. You know where to find it, here 

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