Beyond Recycling

At Sana Jardin, we endeavour to be as sustainable as we can be. Our business is built around the principles of a circular economy, with time and effort going into waste reduction, up-cycling bi-products and ensuring low environmental impact. 

We use recycled materials in our packaging and, where possible, encourage the recycling of our products, when finished. To make this easier for our customers, we are delighted to offer a perfume bottle recycling programme. We hope you will join us in this initiative.


Introducing our recycling scheme in collaboration with Terracycle.

How does it work?

Your favourite Sana Jardin perfume bottle is empty (have you re-stocked re-ordered?!)

Email our team at or get in touch through social media indicating you wish to return your empty bottle.

Once we receive it back at our office, we'll recycle it along with everyone else’s through our partnership with Terracycle.



Our bottles are made from 30% recycled materials, but because of the different components, they can’t be recycled without being broken down. Once we receive your bottles back, we will recycle to bottle, cap, pump and collar individually.



If your candle has been fully used, you are able to recycle the glass along with your normal recycling. If there is still a little wax left at the bottom, we advise this is removed manually before recycling.



Our fragrance and candle boxes are made of 100% recycled paper and are fully recyclable, so you can put them in your normal at-home recycling.

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