A Long-Lasting Autumn with Sandalwood Temple

A Long-Lasting Autumn with Sandalwood Temple

  • 04 November, 2020
  • Alara Dural

Sandalwood in perfume

Sandalwood is a heart note in perfume that is well-known for its aphrodisiac and spiritual properties. It is a sweet, woody and long-lasting scent that is traditionally prized by holy temples who believe that burning sandalwood creates a connection with the divine and cleanses the spirit. Recognised for its mind-calming and emotion-balancing properties, some love using Sandalwood in physical forms, such as incense, whilst others prefer to use it in their everyday fragrance.  

Between season scent

As autumn arrives and we shift away from summer by making changes to our wardrobe, eating habits and skincare routines, our fragrance habits too, start to change. In colder weather, fragrances fade faster than in the warmer seasons due to our skin being less hydrated. Some ingredients also last longer in winter, meaning that even subconsciously, we tend to gravitate towards different scents as the seasons change.  

This is why for autumn, we have picked a seasonal scent, chosen specifically to get you through a long-lasting, scented autumn: Sandalwood temple. 

Bestselling Sandalwood perfume

One of our year-round, best-selling scents, it has powerful properties rooted in its energising earthiness to keep you smelling divine from dusk until dawn. Layered upon its heart-warming aura of sandalwood and cedar wood, it possesses verdant undertones of Haitian vetiver oil.  

Lastly, we have one more Autumn tip for you… spray your fragrance in your hair (we promise this won’t damage your hair as our fragrances are free from all the nasties!). Hair holds fragrance so well that we always suggest layering different fragrances to create your own bespoke scent. We love pairing our beautiful Sandalwood Temple with Savage Jasmine or Tiger by Her Side, depending on how intense and long-lasting you want your perfume to smell. 


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