A Virtual Getaway

A Virtual Getaway

  • 24 June, 2020
  • Alara Dural

We’d love to be on a plane right now going to somewhere familiar, or new, for summer and are most certainly dreaming about the beach and that summer glow. As we scroll through our camera rolls looking at our last summer’s vacation snaps, we thought why not take a virtual summer holiday from behind your screen? We have looked into ways we can transport ourselves to exotic places just using our imagination and the power of the web. Here are some tips on ways to go on a virtual getaway. 



Suitcase magazine has always been a favorite source when looking for travel inspiration and top plan trips. They have an amazing photo journal section where you can just escape to the wild and discover any city’s hidden streets through their amazing photo series. Not to mention the fact that these photos are a great inspiration for our next travels. 

Photo: Suitcase Mag



Photo: Louvre Museum

If you are missing your nights at the museum and artistic adventures you can now take a virtual tour from your sofa, how amazing is that! With museums being closed, most of the better-known spaces around the world have opened their doors to the public, virtually. You can just sit back and take a virtual tour with your cup of tea in Musee de Louvre, Galeria di Uffizi, Guggenheim Museum, Van Gogh Museum and many more, which might be on your bucket list. 

You can find the list of museum to visit here.



As you may know, fragrances have the power to transport you to moments past and future dreams. If you have been following us for a while you may have even come across with our visualisation session to the flower fields that we did with Claire Aristides. If you haven’t, we totally recommend you listen to it, it’s on our blog. For this summer we have chosen Berber Blonde and Jaipur Chant, which have the power to transport us to the flower fields in Morocco and India. 


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