Sustainable Fashion Brands We Love

Sustainable Fashion Brands We Love

  • 07 November, 2019
  • Emily Taylor

We feel very lucky to be surrounded by so many pioneering brands, and to call many of them friends is an honour. Naturally, we spend the majority of our time thinking about how to communicate our Sana Jardin cause and how to shine a light on the women in our own circle, but when we’re not working we spend a lot of time talking about other innovative brands and thought it was about time we champion the amazing work they do and their refreshing approaches to making  the world a better place. Here are some of the fashion brands setting a great example:

Zazi Vintage

We are obsessed with this brand because it is a bohemian Silk Road fairtytale of exotic upcycled fabrics! The founder, Jeanne de Kroon is a creative goddess! They work with the UN and source vintage suzani fabric from Uzbekistan and saris from India and re-purpose them into stunning dresses and coats. Beyond being sustainable, their focus is on women's economic and social independence. Their current collections are produced through small families and women-empowering NGOs.


Lead by the talented Zineb Britel and loved by HRH Mehgan Duchess of Sussex, Zyne was started with t a mission to bring the ancestral Moroccan footwear known as the “babouche” and its traditional craftsmanship into the 21st Century. We’re all about highlighting and preserving traditional craftsmanship and traditions and Zyne’s fashion forward and creative designs make the brand even easier to love… and then there’s our shared connection to Morocco, and of course our mission to empower women. Zyne develop their designs in house before sending them to cooperatives of women who produce them. They work with a prestigious embroiderer (with Chanel and Dior on her CV) to train these artisans.

For Days

We think this is such a clever concept - it is the brainchild of Sustainability Guru Kristy Caylor. The brand rents organic cotton t-shirts that are made from sustainable fabrics and when you are done with your shirt you send it back and the company recycles it into a brand-new t-shirt creating an entirely closed loop system. Since launch, their members diverted 18,000 pounds of textile waste from landfill and saved 44 million gallons of water. 

HURR Collective

We’re all aware of the cost the fashion industry is having on the planet and its people, and it’s not pretty, but HURR Collective have developed a way to connect people through technology to deliver a streamlined rental process which means our carbon footprints can be smaller whilst out outfit choices increase. Not only does it enable consumers in the market from a ‘new’ outfit to rent one, it also makes it easy for people with large wardrobes of ‘wear-once’ items to rent these pieces out and generate some income - win/win!

ELV denim

Sustainability is about so much more than sourcing new materials responsibly, it’s about being resourceful with what we already have and ELV do this exceptionally well. The East London based brand use deadstock denim and upcycle it into a new line of jeans that are uber chic. Each jean is made up of two halves of vintage jeans and is therefore completely unique in its colour and fit. All manufacturing is done in East London, minimising waste, water and energy footprints. ELV Denim operate from an ideal of ‘no waste’ and create their jeans with barely any environmental impact, giving a second life to fabric which otherwise could be destined for the landfill.

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