Why we should all be layering our scents

Why we should all be layering our scents

  • 15 October, 2019
  • Alara Dural

Layer scents for a new dimension

We’re all familiar with mixing music tracks together, or accessorising outfits to suit your personal style. We even do it in cooking, combining different flavours according to our mood - so why not experiment in the same way with scent? When it comes to applying fragrance, many of us rarely tend to venture beyond a single bottle – and usually for good reason (no one wants a perfume clash!) But when you get it right, layering scent can add a fun new dimension to the ritual of applying perfume, using a different scent for different sections of your body to create something truly unique.

Layer for a truly bespoke fragrance

Layering your scent can reflect different aspects of your personality and can make your fragrance truly bespoke. In the same way a single perfume develops as it warms up on the skin, layering two scents allows two bouquets to harmonise together, and open one another up in incredible ways – if you mist one scent through your hair and the rest on your body, the effect is spell-binding.

Mix-and-match style perfume

The great thing with Sana Jardin’s unique mix-and-match style of perfumery is that it’s so easy to combine different scents according to your mood, opening up a new world of fragrant possibilities, and tailoring your scent wardrobe to however you want it.

Day to night scent

You might want to add some bright floral notes to a smoky bouquet for a wearable daytime concoction, or vamp up your favourite citrus scent for the evening, with the addition of warm woody notes. Layering is also a good idea if you have a signature scent you wear every day and can’t bring yourself to swap out. Misting a another perfume through your hair can add an interesting facet to your overall scent and allows you to switch things up - without completely stepping outside your comfort zone.

What scent families to layer?

Like with everything, scents sometimes harmonise together, while others clash.  Some examples of scents that work well together can be a fresh summery citrus accords, which can be given added warmth and depth with woody amber notes, like draping a cashmere woollen shawl over a pretty silk slip - the same goes for rich white florals like jasmine and tuberose, to which said woody notes add a more masculine edge. Other types of accord with a similar effect can simply enhance each other – perfumes containing aphrodisiac notes such as patchouli or musk can smell incredible together.


Some great scents pairings to get started with…

Berber Blonde is a fantastically versatile scent, a fresh, sunny orange blossom, to which Tiger By Her Side adds rich amber undertones. Our best-selling combination, we recommend misting Berber Blonde through the hair to prolong the citrus notes, while spritzing Tiger By Her Side over your skin works with your natural body heat to mesmerising effect.









Tiger By Her Side can also make a great masculine scent, especially when paired with Sandalwood Temple, which will emphasise its woody accords, while Haitian vetiver adds a rich earthy quality.

Sandalwood Temple quite is a versatile scent staple, especially worn on the body - pair it with Savage Jasmine through the hair to really ramp up the seductive elements, or the rich white florals of Jaipur Chant to add an intensely feminine edge.

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