A conversation with Amy from Home

A conversation with Amy from Home

  • 31 March, 2020
  • Alara Dural

Do you have any preferred Sana Jardin products which have been using constantly during self-isolation?

Yes, I am burning our Tiger by her Side candle constantly as the amber scent is transporting and grounding and spraying Berber Blonde all over me and my sons as the orange blossom essence helps you live in the present and is joyful.


Something you are looking forward in doing when you get back to your normal routine?

Being in the desert with my family, a glittering dinner in London with friends and rose champagne, gratefully dropping my sons off at school!


Any beauty secrets to keep your skin glowing?

I love MZ Skincare, their hydra lift golden facial mask is a total game changer and their retinol skin booster ensures my skin is as radiant and dewy as much as it can be at my age!


What does your to-do-list look like for the upcoming weeks?

Remote schooling my two sons, digital media campaigns, reading books about spirituality, having distance healing sessions with esoteric practitioners, chatting on WhatsApp to my friends and family, heating up food (since my children would flee quarantine if I cooked) and discipling myself to do Taryn Toomey’s virtual class, the class.


What is the best advice you would give to anyone who is looking for inspiration?

Sit in silence. I think some of us are still racing a bit which is easy to do as sometimes the pain of the human experience can only be soothed by manic distraction. However, I feel this has been a call to action for humanity to go inwards. Feel what emotions bubble to the surface and investigate them from all sides. Try to see this as an opportunity to come out and become the best version of ourselves. Read books about personal growth and spirituality.

Any Work from Home tips?

Leave space and time in your day to let your brain rest and empty your thoughts. Try to unglue yourself from your phone. We can be creative when we are not distracted and now is a glorious opportunity to let our minds wander and see things from a different perspective.

Two keywords you would like share with everyone.

Compassion and Solidarity!



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