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A Note From Amy Christiansen




I have my grandmother, Mary Pomeroy, to thank for providing a blueprint for me to aspire to be a social entrepreneur. Often described as a visionary of her time, she co-founded The United States Delegation for Friendship Among Women in the 1960’s. Her work to empower women in developing countries took her across the globe. I was lucky enough that she used to tuck me in her suitcase and take me with her whenever she could, so I experienced a lot of her social justice work first-hand and also developed a passion for fragrance on these travels.




As a result I then shifted my focus to address inequality on an institutional scale through posts at the NYC based Robin Hood Foundation, The Clinton Foundation and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, which worked to empower women economically by supporting female entrepreneurs in developing countries. More recently I am the Georgetown University Ambassador for Women, Peace and Security.




I am attracted to the wisdom and possibility scent offers. The invitation to journey; a glimpse of the something we were that we forgot; the promise of beauty and sensuality that deeply resonates with me.

I was drawn to the pure, natural scents I experienced in the gardens, temples and palaces on my travels around the world. I constantly sought out these earthy, intoxicating scents, and tried to find them everywhere in a bottle – from the souks of Damascus, Marrakech and Oman to department stores in LA and London. When I couldn’t find them in a bottle I resolved to recreate them.

In my research for Sana Jardin, I found myself drawn to the stories of the ancient and sacred power of perfume. I was enchanted with the rituals women perform when harvesting flowers, for example the women in Morocco chant as they collect the flowers for Sana Jardin. I wanted to continue in this tradition with fragrances that harness the healing life force of plants and flowers, with the capacity to transport and awaken us to our divine spirit.

Thank you for your interest in the flower revolution,

With love from Amy

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