Sacred rituals of flower harvesting

Sacred rituals of flower harvesting

  • 07 February, 2020
  • Emily Taylor

Moroccan perfumery traditions

What we're always most moved by on our trips to Morocco to visit our women’s co-operative, is the centuries-old tradition of chanting whilst picking the blossoms in the Moroccan sun. A practice thought to honor the soul of the flowers.

Traditionally, female flower harvesters wore white when they harvested the orange blossom for the same reason; in a symbolic effort to keep the soul of the flower pure and calm. we love the fact the wonderful women of the indigenous Amazigh community, who are part of our women’s cooperative, now wear an array of exotic colours and prints, reflective of the brightness they share with the world.

Each Eau de Parfum features jasmine, rose or orange blossom handpicked by the female flower harvesters, whilst chanting, which makes me feel like there is an extra bit of love and spiritual energy in every bottle of Sana Jardin perfume.

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