Where to apply fragrance for the longest wear

Where to apply fragrance for the longest wear

  • 22 May, 2020
  • Alara Dural

Photo Credit: Olivia Duarte

What does olfactory mean?

If you are a fragrance lover, you have most probably come across the word Olfactory during your quest to finding the perfect perfume. Olfactory, is the memory that refers to smells – deriving from the word Olfacere in Latin. In this article we want to talk about the best part of the olfactory experience, which is within us, the power of spritzing our fragrances in the longest-lasting and most effective way.  

Where to spray perfume and why:

Our body consists of seven pulse points where the heartbeat can be felt most prolifically, for example our wrists. It is key to spray your fragrance onto your pulse points. When you spray a fragrance in these areas, it releases a heat which directly interacts with your skin, which is why some fragrances develop differently on people due to differing body characteristics like the body heat of each individual and your skin PH level.  

There are many stories and facts about where and when to apply fragrance and we understand you might have your own magic formula for applying fragrance, but the most commonly used and referred advice's are the following: 

Spray fragrance after showing

Fragrance sprayed right after showering on damp and on moisturized skin will help your fragrance to last for longer periods of time and is why it is also advised to apply body moisturizers right after shower on damp skin when your skin is still bit humid as it locks in the moisture immediately.  

Spray fragrance on your pulsepoints

As mentioned above, always apply fragrance to your pulse points; your neck, collarbone, behind the ears, inside the elbows, wrists, back of your knees and ankles where the veins are closer to your skin. Oh and…. don’t rub your fragrance on your wrist! This is actually a myth and leads to the fragrance losing its components.  

If you are anything like us and love layering fragrances, head to our why we should all be layering our scents” blogpost to read and learn more. 

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